Slowly, But Surely Getting There!

So by the end of the week I will have my dates for doing my pre-selection 1.5mile run. (hopefully!!!)
It needs to be under 14 minutes, which to be fair sounds like a walk in the park, I thought it would be too so first time round hardly done any preparation for it! and lo and behold, I didn’t pass!

Brings me to one of my favourite quotes – ‘Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail’
Swear ill get that tattooed one day!!

My last timed run was 13 and a half minutes, still trying to get that time to come down, I’m hoping to get into the military police so aiming for a running time of around 12 minutes! They kind of tariff you on your running times, A,B,C,D, obviously A is where you want to be, who’s going to go for a ‘D’ when there’s plenty of ‘A’s to choose from?!

Ive got quite a bit on with work at the minute, covering shifts and what not, so I’m guessing its going to be around the end of September by the time I actually get to do the run, another 4 weeks or so away, suppose on the bright side it means ive got another 4 weeks of practice to get those times down!

Doing another run this afternoon with Tasha so hopefully its under the times I need!

… we’ll soon see wont we!



Last week I was so down about the dodgy reading from my app, I really couldn’t be bothered to go back out so I thought id take a few days off and give it my all on my return!

Ive changed the running app I used and started a new one today, the same as my friend uses as my old one has became very glitchy since its last update!

we both started our apps at the same time and set off at the same time so the readings would be accurate if not a second or two apart, and off we went!

From the very beginning of our run I could tell our pace was a lot quicker than it had been previously, but at the same time it was a comfortable pace, quite enjoyable!
Spurred on by discussing how our boyfriends had gone the extra mile in annoying us this week it took our mind off the run so I was quite surprised when the app spoke up and said 1.5 mile ….


….13 minutes 26 seconds!!!

wooooooo !!!!

wth an average pace of 8 minutes and 59 seconds!

fair to say i was totally over the moon!!

Both apps gave the same reading so we knew for sure the times were accurate!
Just need to keep this up, aiming for a 12 minute overall time so Ive got an extra 2 minutes spare for on the day …. just in case! 😉 11900658_10205516999777645_2144932601_o


so after my awesome run the other day, and feeling absolutely amazing at my running time, literally the best feeling ever!
… well It all came crashing down the other day!

I was showing Jamie the route where I go, and he asked why it said id been running down a busy A-Road, this road runs alongside the track I go running down but the GPRS had picked up that id been zigzagging across this busy road.

it had pretty much added half a mile onto my run so when I thought id done 1.5mile in 12 minutes, id only done 1 mile!

Nightmare 😦


back to squae one-ish!

I will get that time though, watch this space 😉

DAY 3! :D

Ive been trying my hardest to get home since around half 7!
Couldn’t wait to get home and upload todays picture! Sad eyy!

So a few days ago my friend messaged me and said she’d come out running with me, she applied for the army a few years ago but unfortunately due to medical reasons she cant get in.

I usually go running on my own or with a horse trailing behind somewhere with my mother! So someone who can keep up, set a pace and push me on knowing the targets I need to hit seemed a fab idea!

The past few times ive been out running ive stopped 2-3 times throughout, even though I know at the time I could probably have pushed on a little but further if I put my all into it – total mind over matter!
Tasha was determined we wouldn’t stop at any point, giving me tips she used when she was doing her running, I actually found that having another person there running along side me helped a great deal, felt more spurred on to keep going!

Straight away I noticed the app I used which gives audio progress reports recalled a much quicker average time, hearing it made me even more determined to push on!

For my Army selection I need a running time of a maximum of 14 minutes for my 1.5 mile, for the role I want to do they push for a quicker time so I’m aiming for around 12-13 minutes, although id settle now for a guaranteed 14 minute every time I go out!

….. Heres todays running time…. !!!!! 😀Screenshot_2015-08-07-19-14-10

My quickest EVER time! – 1.52 mile in 12 minutes 55 seconds – enough to pass my selection weekend!
I’m so chuffed with my self, more so than when I graduated!



Day 2!


Well I woke with wobbly legs this morning! Took me back to my old college lecturer, he was ex army and put us through our paces on the running track, always yelling – ‘PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY’ !!

Ive got a gorgeous (slightly biased view) horse, hes kind of a mother – daughter share so we usually take it in turns to ride. when my mam rides I run alongside them.
on the last leg of my run tonight I brushed alongside Fin and somehow knocked off the app I use to track time and distance! grrrr!!
so ive only got 1.08 miles of recording 😦

slightly disappointed as I cant see the full time but never mind! Suppose I can kind of get an idea of where I’m at!

The green dot is the start and where i was supposed to finish, the red dot is where the app gave up on me and closed! so here it is, day 2, well some of day 2!

Day 1!

Yesterday I finally dug back out my running shoes and went for a run down the country lane, quite handy as its exactly 1.5 miles from start to finish.

Bearing in mind its been quite a while since I done this type of exercise after getting quite (very) lazy with my fitness whilst at uni, I was pleasantly surprised with my overall performance!

1.51 miles, 17:23 minutes with a averaged 11 minute mile.

plenty of room for improvement, but this is only day one so, watch this space! 🙂map my run summary

The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life?

Around 2 months ago I finished uni, total waste of three years, gained nothing other than over £40k worth of debt and a piece of paper with a nice bow wrapped around it to say I’ve graduated! woo!

In hindsight I maybe should have took a different course to criminology, far too many cuts in the civil sector to even be considered for a job as a fresh graduate with no experience.

Living in a pretty boring area, with no jobs going other than call centre work or home carers theres not really much to offer job wise, and I reallllly need another job, well more of a career.
12 hours a week in a local workingman club isn’t really enough to live on, especially when ive got a house to run 😦

So! …

Much to the delight of my parents I applied to join the Army! Something ive always wanted to do but never really had the confidence to see it all the way through.
Ive got 2 brothers in the royal navy and I get soo jealous when they go here there and everywhere, seeing the world and better still, getting paid to do it!

My army application is under way and ive got to go for a ‘pre-selection’ , this will be my second attempt at the pre selection, passed everything apart from the 1.5 mile run, only 47 seconds over the allowed 14 minutes means ive got to re-do the run.

This is basically my journey from kind of start to hopefully entry to the British Army!